How to choose the ideal bike?

Dear customer, Before you buy an e-bike, ask yourself a few questions: what type of bike are you interested in?

Folding bike、mountain bike、city bike 或 fat bike?

Below are details of our individual bikes。

Model Type Advantages For whom? For which terrain?
SAM E-bike folding bike lightweight women and seniors City
EDDY Foldable e-bike with fat bike tires Strong, big
with fat tires
Great women and men Any area
ROBIN Mountain e-bike on fat bike tires Big mountain e-bike with fat tires Big and strong women and men Any area
BRUNO mountain e-bike Lightweight mountain bike with Samsung battery, Bafang mid-motor Enthusiastic mountain bikers mountainous areas
LINDA Ladies e-bike
Ladies e-bike with
Bafang mid motor
Men's e-bike
Men's e-bike with
Bafang mid motor
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