JOBOBIKE customer service

  • Delivery

Except for pre-sale orders, orders will be shipped within 72 hours on business days after successful payment. Under special circumstances such as holiday or force majeure, the delivery will be delayed, please refer to the shipping date on the website or from the customer service representative. The shipping date for pre-purchase order is subject to the order notice after the order is placed.

  • Receipt of goods

The buyer is obliged to accept the goods within 3 working days after receipt. If the goods are damaged, the buyer must submit a " JOBOBIKE Customer Service Form " in a timely manner. If so, our company will provide spare parts free of charge. In the event of serious damage, the two parties will negotiate a solution. If the delivery exceeds 3 days and no feedback is received from the buyer, will be considered normal goods receipt.

  • Exchange of goods or return

Therefore, in order to bring a better experience to our customers who choose our products, we offer a 20-day no-questions-asked exchange or return service (20 days means 20 natural days counted from the date of receipt in the logistic log). If you are not satisfied with your EBIKE test ride, you can request a return within the specified period. (In order to ensure that there is no visible wear on the EBIKE wear parts, it is necessary that the test distance is no more than 10 km)

Please keep the packaging box for at least 20 days after receiving the goods in order to pack them in case of a return.

If goods are exchanged or returned for non-quality reasons, the buyer bears the cost of the two-way shipping and must ensure that all accessories are complete and there are no signs of damage when returning the goods. If accessories are missing or if the EBIKE is damaged during the test ride, the buyer is partially liable for compensation. If the returned EBIKE meets the above conditions, JOBOBIKE will refund the purchase price after deducting the costs for the round-trip shipping. If the returned EBIKE shows obvious signs of use and wear, JOBOBIKE will refund the purchase price after deducting the costs for the outward and return shipping and 20% of the purchase price as a processing fee. If the goods are exchanged or returned for quality reasons, JOBOBIKE will bear the costs for the outward and return shipment.

The goods exchange or return service does not cover the damages resulting from accident, misuse or negligence. Any modification of the frame or accessories by the customer will invalidate the exchange or return service.

We do not recommend returns under any circumstances. By placing an order, the buyer confirms the mutual agreement between buyer and seller.

  • parameter

Our company does as much as possible so that in the end the customer really gets exactly what he saw on his screen when he created it. In order to provide buyers with goods exchange service, we constantly update the performance, configuration and reliability of our products. If the product description is not up to date due to an upgrade, you can refer to the current product. We promise that the upgraded product will not detract from your riding experience and that the bike will perform better than the old one, so minor differences will not be considered a product non-conformity with the product description.

  • accessories

Due to the different batches, the related EBIKE accessories such as tires, motor, dashboard gauges may vary slightly. For the difference in accessories, please refer to the current product if the product description is not updated in time due to the upgrade. We promise that the upgraded product will not detract from your riding experience and that the bike will perform better than the old one, so minor differences will not be considered a product non-conformity with the product description.

  • Range

The range data on this page comes from JOBOBIKE lab tests. The test conditions are weight 75kg, temperature 25℃, flat road, and the battery is fully charged to fully discharged. Due to the different conditions of use, scenarios and uses, the range is affected by weight, driving habits and speed. The range therefore serves only as a reference and not as a basis for data qualification or as a basis for a return or exchange of goods.

  • battery

The life of a lithium battery is closely related to usage habits. To conserve battery power, avoid driving at full speed for too long while driving. The battery can be charged when there is about 20% charge left in the batteries (avoid over-discharging the battery). Make sure the battery is fully charged once. When the battery is fully charged, you must disconnect it from the charger in time to avoid overcharging the battery, which may affect its lifespan and safety. According to the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the nature of the product, it is strictly forbidden to bring the battery or EBIKE inside for charging under any circumstances. If possible, charging should take place in an open and monitored area.

  • fitting

Regarding the display content of the faucet, please refer to the actual product.

  • transport

Our company keeps improving the packaging and scientific placement of our products. We cooperate with reliable and responsible logistic companies. However, since the bicycle is a large product with many parts, there may be minor scratches and paint loss during transportation in a few cases due to impact, or some parts of the product may be deformed due to extrusion, such as: B. Deformation of the brake, rear suspension and front fork by extrusion. They are not quality problems or product defects. Therefore it is not possible to request a return. Should this not be acceptable, we are willing to arrange for you to exchange parts or the entire bike (shipping costs to be borne by the customer).

Customers can contact JOBOBIKE if they encounter difficulties during assembly. Our employees offer assembly instructions to customers.

  • guarantee

1.Limited warranty for the whole bike

JOBOBIKE grants all customers a 24-month limited warranty on the entire bike. The warranty period starts from the date of manufacture of the product.

For any non-man-made damage, JOBOBIKE will provide free replacement parts or remote after-sale support during the warranty period. Special issues are resolved through consultations between the buyer and seller.

The warranty period for repair parts corresponds to the entire bicycle. After repairing the EBIKE, the warranty is available during the warranty period, which starts from the date of manufacture of the product.

Accessories and warranty periods:

(1) Frame: 5 years.

(2) Motor, ESC, Battery, Charger, Fittings, Lamps, Handlebars, Front Fork,

Rear suspension etc.: 2 years.

Note: The following conditions are not covered by the warranty.

(1) Cannot provide a valid frame serial number.

(2) The entire bike and its accessories are out of warranty.

(3) Defects or damage caused by personal remodeling or repairs to EBIKE's mechanical or electrical components.

(4) Defects or damage caused by the use of parts not specified by JOBOBIKE.

(5) Defects or damage caused by improper installation, use or operation.

(6) Defects or damage caused by use in an environment other than that for which it is intended.

(7) Defects or damage caused by improper maintenance (humidity, mold or exposure to extreme conditions).

(8) Normal wear and tear of wearing parts such as tyres, brakes and pedals are not considered defects and are not covered by the guarantee.

(9) Defects or damage caused by acts of God (e.g. fire, earthquake, lightning, flood).

2.Value-added services

Extended Warranty

The warranty extension can be requested at the time of purchase or 1 month before the warranty period expires. The premium is €150/year and €200/year for the fourth year. The warranty extension is limited to electrical components (fittings, regulators, motor, battery, charger). After the fifth year, JOBOBIKE no longer offers an extension of the guarantee.


In order to better serve our customers, JOBOBIKE provides customers with free instant after-sales technical consultation and real-time repair consultation. If the product fails during use, please fill out and submit the “ Customer Service Form ”. Our staff will respond within 48 hours on working days based on the information you provide, find out the cause of the failure as soon as possible, and provide a full solution, including spare parts, technical support and repair guidance. Replacement parts are provided free of charge during the warranty period and under warranty. Out of warranty period and out of warranty coverage, there will be charges according to the actual situation (including shipping cost).

If the product is returned for repair without JOBOBIKE's consent, the buyer bears the costs for the outward and return shipment as well as the repair costs (€150 per repair within the warranty period, €200 per repair outside of the warranty period). A must for good packaging when returning for repair. If there is any damage during the return to the factory, it is the customer's responsibility.

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