JOBOBIKE foldable bicycle lock

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The JOBOBIKE bicycle lock was specially manufactured by TONYON for JOBOBIKE. The project was adapted to the needs of cyclists. You no longer have to drive with a heavy U-lock and you can't lose the key, because the JOBOBIKE lock is closed with a four-digit code. The clasp is foldable. It's a flexible design that's convenient to use. You can attach it to the bike frame or instead of a water bottle with screws because it comes with a special carrying handle.

The lock is made of 5 mm thick, hardened steel elements. This is the perfect protection for your bike, especially in the city. The fasteners have a soft coating that protects the bike from scratches.

The JOBOBIKE folding bike lock is a guarantee of security. Try our lock and minimize the risk of theft.

Suitable for bikes: JOBOBIKE Sam , JOBOBIKE Bruno , JOBOBIKE Linda , JOBOBIKE Robin , JOBOBIKE Eddy and JOBOBIKE Henry

We grant a 2-year guarantee on our accessories.
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