The strengths of fat bikes

Our first suggestion is JOBOBIKE Eddy - an e-bike with a unique design that catches the eye and conquers the heart. Don't be fooled by the e bike 20 inch fat bike wheels and the folding option - the Eddy is a powerful and large bike, suitable for riders over 170 cm tall. With the folding option, you can transport it in the trunk of your car and start your weekend adventure on two wheels wherever you feel like it. The 250W Bafang motor in the rear hub delivers just the right amount of power, and its support can be selected from five levels depending on the track and your own needs. A big advantage of this model is the 48V 11.6Ah lithium-ion battery, which is completely hidden in the bike frame, protecting it from the elements. It's also worth noting that the Eddy comes with full suspension, making it an excellent all-terrain bike.

Fans of large bikes will also find a fat bike for themselves in the JOBOBIKE range: JOBOBIKE Robin , the most powerful e-bike in our range, built on 26-inch wheels with 4-inch tires. Ideal for tall and heavy people (the total load capacity of our fat bikes is up to 140 kg). The Robin's 250 W motor has a maximum torque of 95 Nm, so even the mightiest mountain is no problem for him. The lithium-ion battery that this e-bike is equipped with is a 48V 14Ah battery. With a fully charged battery, the Robinem can travel up to 80 km. So the advantages of a fat bike are obvious - they are great e-bikes whose fat tires offer a high level of bike control and riding comfort. Whether you want to ride in the woods or in the city, you can be sure that an electric fat bike will meet your expectations and give you a great experience.

E bike fat bike


Accept the challenge and test our foldable Fatbike Eddy on the toughest terrain!

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E bike fat bike


The Fatbike Robin is the strongest and most dynamic e-bike from JOBOBIKE.

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Are you looking for the right fat bike for you?

Fatbike e bike are eye-catching bicycles that are characterized by their wide tires. They are designed for cyclists who want to ride on sand, snow and mud to explore new routes that are inaccessible to other bikes. The thick and soft tires on fat bikes, which have a large contact area with the ground, make the bike float on muddy ground. Eddy is an electric bike and a fat bike at that! Are you planning a weekend away from the city, are you a fan of spinning, trekking, climbing and want to go to less accessible areas by bike? Are you looking for an electric folding bike for more demanding routes? Accept the challenge and test our foldable Fatbike Eddy on the toughest terrain! The e fat bike Robin is JOBOBIKE's most powerful and dynamic electric bike, which proves itself on bumpy terrain, in the forest, in the mountains and even in the snow. Fat bikes ride great on such surfaces, while bikes with thinner tires just sink in. You can ride anywhere normal mountain bikes can't go. Mountain and forest paths, difficult terrain are no obstacle for the Robin e-bike! Despite its purpose, the fat bike is not inferior to the other JOBOBIKE electric bikes in terms of design.

Aber ist ein Fatbike nur ein Fahrrad für den Einsatz im Gelände?

Nein, natürlich nicht! Wir empfehlen Fatbike-Elektrofahrräder auch für den Alltag in der Stadt! Warum? Das Fahren mit einem Fatbike auf breiten Reifen ohne elektrische Unterstützung ist wegen der großen Reibungsfläche nicht ganz einfach. Das ändert sich, wenn das Fatbike mit einem Elektromotor ausgestattet ist, der zusätzliche Leistung bringt. So können Sie problemlos Hügel erklimmen. Die weichen und breiten Reifen des Elektro-Fatbikes wirken als zusätzliche Dämpfung und sorgen für Fahrkomfort auf unebenem Untergrund, nicht nur auf Waldwegen mit überstehenden Baumwurzeln, sondern auch z.B. auf gepflasterten Stadtstraßen. Mit einem Fatbike kann man auch bequem über Bahnübergänge und hohe Bordsteine fahren. Ein elektrisches Fatbike ist daher ideal für den täglichen Weg zur Arbeit oder zur Universität, kann aber auch für verrückte Wochenendausflüge in der Natur genutzt werden. Das elektrische Fatbike ist also ein Allrounder! Bei JOBOBIKE haben wir zwei Modelle von Elektro-Fatbikes, die bei unseren Kunden sehr beliebt sind. Informieren Sie sich über die Vorteile und entscheiden Sie, welches die perfekte Wahl für Sie ist.

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