JOBO Europe with ISO 9001:2015 certification

JOBO Europe sp. z oo meets all the requirements of the international standard for quality management systems ISO 9001:2015 What does that mean?
You can count on the highest quality and world-class standard of our e-bikes.

We are constantly improving the quality of our services and streamlining the production and sales process of JOBOBIKE electric bicycles. In a continuous improvement process, we have therefore decided to introduce a quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, is a non-governmental organization from 163 countries with the aim of improving and increasing the quality of services.

The examination is carried out through data analysis, interviews, observation and document analysis. The purpose of the audit is to confirm the conformity of the company's management system, to assess the management and to determine the ability to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Today we can show a certificate! In the audit completed in December 2020, the qualified staff and the commitment of the management to the system were named as JOBOBIKE's strengths.

We meet the international requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

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