JOBOBIKE ROBIN - a strong bike for the brave.

Among the offerings of the various e-bike manufacturers, you will find both aesthetically pleasing bikes and e-bikes that are extremely functional. But at JOBOBIKE we have developed a model that impresses with its unique design and its extraordinary functionality - the JOBOBIKE ROBIN .

Express yourself and attract attention.

You value independence in life. You are adventurous and do not accept compromises. You want to break new ground and achieve the seemingly unattainable. You're not afraid to dream because you know that dreams can come true if you just fight for them. You want others to see your courage, strength, and motivation. If you are such a person, ROBIN will perfectly express your character and help you to follow your chosen path, even if it seems inaccessible on the surface.

The ROBIN's 26-inch wheels with 4-inch wide tires catch the eye at first glance. They make up the predatory and at the same time powerful character of this electric bike. The black frame is made even more attractive by the irregular shape of the top tube and red trim. Thick mudguards and a large luggage rack make the ROBIN look very solid. And that's exactly what it is! It is a versatile e-bike that is suitable for any terrain.

Fulfill your dreams wherever you want.

The off-road character of the Robin comes from its construction - wide fat bike tyres, a shock absorber in the fork, a solid construction and a Bafang motor in the rear hub ensure that this bike can handle even the toughest conditions. Although these wide and soft tires create significant rolling resistance, this is not an issue when the bike is electrically assisted. ROBIN users can use the motor support in 5 levels or switch it off completely and use the e-bike like a conventional e-bike if they just want to get really tired. So the Robin will be a multi-purpose bike that will prove itself on a variety of trails.

- Sandy beaches - if you have a romantic soul, you've probably dreamed of riding a hot-blooded horse along the beach in the light of the setting sun. We don't have a hot blooded horse but we do have a ROBIN which is almost the same! The soft and chunky tires of this e-bike let you float on the sand, and thanks to the power steering your ride will be extremely relaxing. The operation of the electric motor of this unicycle is very quiet, so you can listen to the sound of the waves while riding. ROBIN is the perfect e-bike for the hardcore rider with a romantic soul!

- Snow - do you really want to live green and not just commute by bike from April to November? ROBIN can even handle snowy roads! Its wide tires guarantee more grip on slippery surfaces. Remember to dress warmly for winter trips!

- Forests - Forest trails can be compact and easily traveled, but are much more likely to be covered with protruding roots, puddles and deep mud, especially in spring and fall. When you drive the ROBIN, no forest path is too scary for you, no matter what the season. The fat tires act as extra cushioning, so you can be sure that your ride will be comfortable.

- Mountains - although the ROBINA is not a typical MTB bike, hills and mountains do not scare it. The ROBINA's motor has enough power to help you up steep climbs and make you reach the tops with a smile on your face!

-City - not every street is bike-friendly. If you are out and about by bike in the city, you often have to cope with cobblestones, high curbs and steep inclines. Such obstacles are easier to overcome on a bike with wide and soft tires. The ROBIN is an off-road bike that feels just as at home in the city as it does on wild forest trails.

If you already know that ROBIN is the perfect likeness of your character, order it on our website, by phone or through one of our distributors. We guarantee that you will remain an inseparable couple who will defy all odds!

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