How can fuel costs be reduced?

Recently, motorists are increasingly concerned about how to reduce fuel costs. No wonder. Gasoline prices rise to almost €1.85 per litre. This results in most people who choose to commute by car every day spending more than €100 a month on fuel.

Car maintenance and running costs

Every year, up to 30% of Germans travel between 10,000 and 20,000 kilometers by car. This means that each of them spends between €900 and €2,000 per year on petrol. This is a large amount and it should be borne in mind that the cost of using a car also includes the cost of parking, maintaining and washing the car, as well as vehicle insurance and registration costs.

Experts have identified several ways to reduce fuel costs. These include maintaining a constant speed, slowing down the engine and limiting the use of air conditioning.

We at JOBOBIKE know how you can cover your daily route quickly, comfortably and extremely inexpensively. All you have to do is switch to an electric bike made from good components - one that doesn't run on fuel, but rather an electric motor.

Maintenance and operating costs of e-bikes

Buy it

The price for a high-quality e-bike starts at €1000. It is worth choosing devices from a reputable manufacturer that guarantees lower operating costs. When deciding on an e-bike, you should not only be guided by the price and quality of the bike, but also by its intended use. If you live in the country and ride unpaved paths every day, you should choose a mountain bike or trail bike like the JOBOBIKE ROBIN, the JOBOBIKE EDDY or EDDY X or the JOBOBIKE BRUNO. If you live in the city, you can afford to buy a bike with narrower tires or smaller wheels. LINDA, JOBOBIKE LYON, JOBOBIKE VIVA and JOBOBIKE HENRY are ideal for the city.


The batteries of the e-bikes are charged with the supplied charger. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery and depending on the bike model, you can ride a maximum of 60-120 kilometers with such a battery. An e-bike does not use much electricity, so the cost of a 100km ride on an e-bike is around €0.5.


The cost of running an e-bike is no different than using a conventional bicycle. Electric bikes require regular maintenance. However, these are repaired with parts such as tires, brake pads, chains and shock absorbers.

Every year we would spend around €150 to use an e-bike.

Is it worth switching to an e-bike?

Of course it is! The annual cost of using an e-bike is at least 12 times lower than the annual cost of using a car! This is where e-bikes come into play. Switching to an e-bike not only saves money, but also time. joobike wheels, although pedal assisted, are still legally bicycles. As such, they can be ridden on bike lanes. This makes driving around the city much faster during rush hour. The bike has another advantage over the car - it can take you out of the ordinary path to the park. If you wish, you can bypass the crowded city center and take a route through the greenery. Such outdoor activities will keep you entertained throughout the day!

If you want to save money and are ready to make your life healthier and greener, visit a JOBOBIKE dealer and experience how easy and fun it can be to ride an electric bike. Good news! Now JOBOBIKE has also opened several test tracks in Germany, so you can choose where you ride!

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