Our place on Warsaw,Poland. 20 years of experience in the global market of electric bicycles, taught us 3 key principles that guided us when building our factory:
  1. Be close to our customers.
  1. To be close to our manufacturers of each of the bicycle parts we use.
  1. Choose the space and tools for testing our electric bikewisely.

Our JOBOBIKE bicycle factory located in Sokołów near Warsaw (near Janki) was opened in May 2019. On the area of ​​2,500 square meters, apart from the modern production line and office, there is also a so-called "Showroom" - a showroom where everyone can test our ebikes. This is the only place in Europe where brand JOBOBIKE bikes are created, assembled and shipped to our cyclists.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact details:

JOBO Europe Sp. z oo ul. Gromadzka 5


NIP: PL5342602928
Region: 38368971400000
KRS: 0000803371
BDO 000411634

Write to us at info@jobobike.de, fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us on +48 22 462 42 86.
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