JOBOBIKE battery of the Robin 48V 14Ah 672Wh

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Robin's battery is a semi-built-in lithium-ion battery above the down tube that uses LG cells. One of the most important features of the battery is that it has dual current protection. This means there is no risk of explosion or fire. With BMS' (Battery Management System) monitoring, it protects against overcharging and overheating in the process of charging.

The battery is 48V 14.5Ah 696Wh for JOBOBIKE ROBIN, it can be charged while it is in the ROBIN frame, but we can also take it out and plug it into an outlet and it is rated for 800 charge cycles.


  1. Lock and remove easily with key
  2. Battery indicator, let you control the electricity clearly and easily
  3. with BMS (battery management system)

By purchasing an additional battery, alternate charging is possible, which is a very practical solution.

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