A new year, a new beginning, starting with the e-bike!

They wake up when the sun is already high in the sky. The eyelids hardly fall apart. Tired after yesterday's party? Time to grab! Today is January 1st, this is the day when all New Year's resolutions should be achieved! However, it is not easy. According to research, you have a 4% chance of success. However, JOBOBIKE knows how to significantly increase these opportunities!

The vast majority of New Year's resolutions are related to making lifestyle changes to a healthier one. Discover the most popular New Year's resolutions and learn how buying an e-bike can help you achieve them.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is passé. It leads to many diseases, is addictive, spoils the appearance of the skin and nails. Tobacco smoke penetrates hair and clothing, which means even the best perfumes can't hide your unhealthy addiction from others. If you have already realized this, you are on the road to success. Now all you have to do is make the decision not to smoke. How it goes? Focus on something else first. Find an activity that brings you joy and allows you to engage your mind and...your hands.

Cycling will be perfect. First and foremost, when touring, you focus on the effort you put into pedalling, the path you have to cover and the places you pass. So you can forget about the desire to reach for a cigarette. Plus you would have to quit smoking and cycling is so much fun! And no, don't try to smoke while driving! This is not only unhealthy for you, but also dangerous for other road users!

  1. Do sports regularly

This is arguably the most popular New Year's resolution. How many times have you promised yourself that you'll start the New Year with regular physical activity to shed excess fat and build muscle mass? Certainly not once. Sticking to that New Year's resolution will be easier this time!

With an electric bike you can start a life of physical activity without a heavy burden. The e-bike is equipped with several support levels. Those who used to be more of a couch potato type can easily cover the next few kilometers on their two-wheeler. And once you get used to this type of activity, you can reduce or completely eliminate the electric motor assistance. Active people who want to increase their activity every day can go on even longer bike tours and ride the most demanding trails thanks to the electric bike. Therefore, an electric bike is a great solution both for people who are just starting out in the world of sports and for those who want to take on new challenges.

  1. Frequent travel

Traveling is great. This allows us to get to know new places, cultures and people. We become more open, we gain courage and independence. We expand our knowledge. An electric bike is a means of transportation that makes it easier to reach new, previously inaccessible places. Your bike rides can be longer. With the same level of fatigue, you drive more kilometers and therefore see more places. If you want to take your two-wheeler with you on longer trips, choose a foldable model. You can easily transport such an e-bike in the trunk of your car or on the train and start your bike tour wherever you want.

  1. Ecological Lifestyle

Ecology has become an extremely important and often discussed topic in recent years. More and more people are realizing how important it is for our planet to change our daily habits. We try to separate waste, save electricity and water. Many people have set themselves the goal of changing their lifestyle to a more ecological one in the new year. For them, an e-bike is an ideal means of transport in everyday life. Using it emits much less CO2 than using a car or even a city bus. In addition, it is extremely cheap. A ride of 100 km on an electric bike costs no more than 1 PLN. You reach your destination quickly, avoid traffic jams and don't get tired.

An electric bike is a modern, ecological means of transport, thanks to which you can start the new year with a good portion of extra energy and motivation to change your life. Visit www.jobobike. de or one of our dealers and choose an e-bike to get you started in 2023!

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