A different kind of winter vacation

JOBOBIKE electric bike for seniors

Winter holidays are over for residents of some provinces, but most of us are still looking forward to our days off and planning how to best use them. Unfortunately, in times of rising prices, not everyone can afford to travel far or enjoy popular winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your winter free time, this article is for you!

The options are different for everyone. For some people, a winter holiday without skiing on the slopes is unimaginable. However, ski lift ticket prices can be staggering, and with inflation and energy prices, so do accommodation and food prices.

Those who prefer a warmer climate and travel to warmer countries for the winter holidays may also need to change their plans. The price of travel in 2023 has even increased by more than €200 compared to the previous year.

So how can you make the most of your free time and stay active while relaxing? Opt for an electric bike tour!

  • save money

Active leisure activities do not have to be associated with large expenses. You need your bike and accessories like a helmet and suitable clothing to protect yourself from the cold and wet, which is a big expense. However, they are reusable items that you can use for years. Cycle paths, forest paths and unpaved roads are - unlike in ski areas - available free of charge. Plus, you can enjoy cycling anywhere, including where you live. If your bike is an e-bike, you can cover more kilometers in one ride with an electric bike. You will reach new places. You will be surprised to discover landscapes that you have never seen before. You don't have to spend your money on excursions to popular destinations, accommodation and dining out. With an e-bike, fantastic adventures are within reach!

  • Alone or in company?

Cycling is not only a team sport, but also something for people who long for rest and relaxation. Whether you ride alone or invite your friends to ride with you is up to you.

Riding alone on challenging mountain trails is the perfect time to calm the mind, de-stress and enjoy the silence broken only by the sound of the wind and the singing of the birds. In winter you don't meet many other hikers on the forest trails. A bike ride may give you the peace that skiing on crowded slopes can't offer, including the many minutes you spend queuing at the ski lifts.

Bike tours are also great fun for families. You can also involve your parents. All you need is an electric bike to cover the next few kilometers of the journey. Being able to choose the right level of support means they can effortlessly keep up with their children and grandchildren. Traveling together as a family brings you closer together and makes for a great time. After that, the grandparents will surely feel even more loved and needed. Choose a bike with a low frame like the JOBOBIKE SAM, JOBOBIKE LINDA or JOBOBIKE LYON that is suitable for older people.

  • Open to new things

We know that changing your habits and plans is not easy. However, with prices soaring, this may be necessary for many of us. We hope to have convinced you that investing in a good electric bike and spending your free time cycling during the winter holidays is a good alternative to popular winter sports and holidays abroad. Embark on the new experience of using a modern e-bike and we guarantee that you will spend your free time with a smile on your face and additional positive energy. See you on the bike path!

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