In love with bikes. Forget the boredom on Valentine's Day.

Mid-February is fast approaching and with it a holiday loved by some, despised and sometimes even hated by others. Of course we're talking about Valentine's Day.

When the shop windows are filled with red hearts and romantic songs blare out of the loudspeakers in the shopping malls, it is a sign that the lovers will celebrate their relationship soon. There are many ways to celebrate the holiday of love. Most couples decide to go to the cinema or the theater together, have a romantic dinner or go to the spa together. Only a few decide to spend February 14th in an unconventional way. Join them this year. No more boredom. It's time to go on an adventure!

The latest romantic comedy is in the cinema? After all, you know that the characters will end up together anyway. A good restaurant invites you to a Valentine's Day menu? Come on, you're not into seafood. Don't let conventions limit you. It's time to celebrate love in a new and exciting way with your partner. We guarantee that your partner will appreciate your creativity and daring. What can you do to impress your other half? Invite them to an e-bike tour in winter surroundings!

We suspect you might have some concerns. Is a bike ride in winter a good idea? Will my loved one enjoy this way of celebrating Valentine's Day? We guarantee they do! All you need is the right gear and a good plan of action. JOBOBIKE will help you with everything!

An electric bike for winter travel
Cycling in winter doesn't have to be an ordeal. A good unicycle makes winter travel an exciting adventure and a fun experience. If you want to ride your bike along forest paths in the snow, you should opt for an electric fat bike. Thanks to the 4-inch wide tires, you're practically floating in the snow, while the support of a 250-watt electric motor in the rear hub accompanies you at every stage of your journey. You don't get tired, you don't sweat, and your face doesn't turn red from tiredness. You will still look stunning for the first few kilometers.
In the JOBOBIKE range you will find the JOBOBIKE ROBIN Fat Electric Bike, which is available in two versions - with a high frame and with a low frame. However, if you are looking for a functionally identical but foldable bike that you can pack in your luggage and start your Valentine's Day adventure anywhere, then you should check out the EDDY and EDDY X models.

comfort and safety

Romance is romance, but one should not forget about safety. If you go on a trip on Valentine's Day, don't forget your helmet. At JOBOBIKE you will find helmets that meet all safety standards and are available in two colors. Don't forget to dress warmly! You can wear a waterproof JOBOBIKE wind jacket under your winter sports jacket. Check out all available colors and choose your favourite.
Plan your trip
Do you like spontaneity? That's fine. It's a good idea to create at least a sketch of your Valentine's Day itinerary. The most important thing is the goal. It should be a special place - especially beautiful or important to both of you. You can choose the destination yourself, or you can choose it with your partner.
Wherever you go, it's a good idea to take a pot of hot tea with you on your winter trip. It's also a good idea to bring something warm to eat. You can pack your supplies in a JOBOBIKE insulated bag that you can put in the basket of your e-bike carrier.

The element of surprise

What would Valentine's Day be without a surprise? Rest assured that you don't need to schedule an application right away. A humble gift, a kind word or a special gesture will suffice. During your trip, choose the right place for a getaway and surprise your significant other.

And when you return...

A romantic bike tour will surely remain in your memory for a long time. However, your Valentine's Day doesn't have to end when you return home. Now you can do what other couples don't do on love's day. Have dinner together, enjoy a glass of wine and curl up to watch your favorite movie. We guarantee that you will be making plans for your next cycling adventure together the very next day.

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