Electric bikes with mid-motor - discover their advantages

Many people who are thinking about buying an e-bike are unsure about the specifications of their dream machine. The wealth of information about e-bikes can be overwhelming for a person new to the world of electrically assisted bicycles. One of the most important questions to ask yourself before buying an e-bike concerns the electric drive itself: are you going for a hub motor or a mid-motor? Each of these solutions has its advantages. Today we would like to introduce you to the advantages of central engine placement.

The first benefit of a center-mounted motor is that the bike is well balanced - the center of gravity is right in the middle of the bike. This is also a universal solution for many types of bikes, from city bikes to mountain bikes. Another important advantage of the center drive is that the power of this engine is varied by the gears shifted by the derailleur. Center drive bikes are also easier to maintain. If the rear wheel needs to be removed, this is easier than on rear hub drive bikes - there is no need to disconnect the cable from the motor to the rest of the e-bike.

JOBOBIKE has several bikes with a central drive in its range. The first two are the Linda and the Lyon - urban electric bikes with a low frame overhang. Despite their urban character, they won't let you down when you're off-road. They are equipped with front shock absorbers and slightly thicker tires. They are the perfect companion not only for the daily commute to work, but also for weekend trips. The mid-engine is also equipped with Bruno, an electric MTB bike to let off steam on the mountain trails. Elegant men who appreciate the urban lifestyle will certainly be interested in the Henry bike. With this elegant e-bike you can easily and quickly move through the streets of the metropolis.

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