Take care of your tire and extend its useful life.

Bike tires are in contact and friction with the ground all the time, so bike tire maintenance is very important. Here are some tips for you to be kind to tires.

1.Do not expose the bike to the sun when it is hot.

If the bicycle is left in a place exposed to strong sunlight for a long period of time, the sun's ultraviolet rays will cause tire deterioration.

2.Inflate the tires to the correct pressure.

The recommended tire pressure is marked on the front of the tire. When inflating, stick to the value indicated on the tire. In general, novice drivers will increase the value based on their experience.

Be careful not to over inflate the air, especially when it's hot. Over-inflation can make cycling uncomfortable and cause tires to burst, affecting their lifespan.

3.Cleaning the tire

Most people have recognized the cleaning and care of the tire, but few thoroughly clean the tire surface. This means using a brush to remove dirt and sharp objects stuck to the rubber. Then rinse them off with clean water.

4.Check the tires after driving

After each ride, check for glass, iron wire, or other sharp objects. If you find them, remove them in time.

5.Be careful not to corrode the tires

E-bike tires are made of rubber. Therefore, when driving or parking, the tires must not come into contact with oil, acid, flammable and chemically corrosive products. Otherwise, corrosion, deformation or softening will occur. It is therefore of great importance to check and clean the tires after driving.

6.Be gentle while driving

Most tire problems are caused by cruelty while driving. Try to avoid the hard road and avoid objects on the road.

7.Note e-bike storage

The e-bike must not be stored in strong sunlight. Even if you don't ride the bike for a long time, you need to check and pump it up regularly. Do not leave tires deflated for long periods of time.

8.Replace tires

Front and rear tires wear differently. So you can swap them out after a period of time if they are the same size. Note that you are only replacing the tires, not the rims.

9. Avoid being overweight

Overloading bikes affects tire life. Under the premise of safety and compliance with traffic rules, it is okay to ride the e-bike and carry people or loads within the allowable weight.

10.Pay attention to the tire change

Changing tires can damage the inner and outer tires. Therefore, it is better to pry the tires with a special tire lever than using a sharp object as an alternative. When inserting the hose, it must be aligned straight without kinking.

The lifespan of an e-bike tire depends on your personal habits. If you take good care of him, he will always be with you. Love yourself, love your tires!

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