Helpful knowledge about disc brakes

The brake plays an important role in safety. Such a device has no right to fail. While the use of disc brakes is becoming more popular, the choice of braking system should be made based on the rider's own riding style, needs, budget, etc. The JOBOBIKE e-bikes are equipped with a mechanical disc brake.

What is a disc brake?

The disc brake is specially equipped with a disc brake disc. The tension of the brake cable causes the brake pads in the calipers to rub against the disc and clamp it to achieve the braking effect.

Why disc brake?

Great braking performance. The braking effect is obvious and strong when it works. It offers great performance and safety at a very affordable price.

Reduced impact from difficult environmental conditions. It can work in wet, muddy and rough conditions.

The convenience of compatibility. The mechanical disc brake can be used with the general V-brake handle.

How to use and care?

  1. Regularly clean the brake handle and the dust around the gripper.
  2. Keep the disc free of oil/grease, including any spray, and maintain the shape of the disc. Do not touch the glass with your fingers, palms or the back of your hand.
  3. A dirty rotor should be cleaned with a cleaning solution, rinsed thoroughly and dried.
  4. The lining should be replaced if the total thickness is less than 0.8 mm or if it is dirty.
  5. Regularly check for windshield wear, especially for drivers who frequently drive in wet and rainy conditions.
  6. Disc brake pads, brake caliper and brake disc become extremely hot during use. Be careful not to touch them while they are hot.
  7. When going down a long slope, you should not brake continuously for an extended period of time.
  8. The disc brake system offers a significantly higher braking performance. Test it gradually on a flat surface until you get used to the braking performance. If you lend your bike to someone else, make sure they are also used to the system before you ride it.
  9. Before driving, check whether the brake is making any unusual noises.
  10. Do not use any special products to clean related parts of disc brake system except special oil remover and high purity isopropyl alcohol.
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