TOP 5 electric city bikes from JOBOBIKE.

Electric city bikes are the ideal means of transport for people in big cities. An e-bike is a quick and easy way to get to work or school. With the help of the electric motor, it is no problem to cover several kilometers. This route can be covered quickly, without traffic jams and without getting tired.

An electric bike for the city should be comfortable, light and easy to use. At JOBOBIKE we have that in the back of our minds. We also keep in mind that not everyone has the same requirements for their dream e-bike. That's why we have no less than 5 models of urban e-bikes in our range. Take a closer look at these to find out which one best meets your expectations.

  1. SAM - our best-selling foldable e-bike. The SAM is built on 20-inch wheels. It weighs only 23.5 kg and when folded fits into most car racks and small elevators. The battery is behind the saddle and the motor is in the rear wheel hub. An easy-to-read LCD display shows the current level of assistance, battery charge and distance traveled. Comfort is ensured by a shock absorber in the fork, a suspension seat post and a wide saddle. If you choose this bike, you can choose between a 10.4 Ah or 13 Ah battery. The SAM is also available in two colors - gray and white.
  2. LINDA - a model that will impress any woman. The beautiful coloring of the frame (white with cobalt-colored elements) and the saddle and handlebar grips finished with brown leather will attract the attention of all ladies. One look at Linda is enough to be sure that it is a high-end product. The extraordinary design is followed by excellent technical equipment. A lithium-ion battery built into the frame, 26-inch wheels, suspension fork, Bafang central motor, large color LCD display - all these advanced features can be found in this e-bike.
  3. VIVA - this bike appeared in our offer recently and we were immediately sure that it will conquer the city streets. Minimalist design, low weight, battery integrated into the frame, interesting colors, clear LED display and a motor in the rear wheel hub - all this can be found in the VIVA model, which you can buy at a really attractive price.
  4. LYON - the twin brother of LINDY, built on an elegant gray frame. Ideal for men who want to look stylish and feel good at the same time. Thanks to the low frame, you can afford to ride with narrow pants.
  5. HENRY - a style icon that combines a minimalist look with the most modern technical solutions. This urban electric bike for men was created for men who prefer simplicity at its best. HENRY is equipped with a male frame and 28 inch wheels. It is equipped with a Bafang central motor and a color LCD display. As with the LYON model, the graphite frame and the brown leather elements ensure a chic look.

As you can see, the JOBOBIKE range is really wide and everyone is sure to find the urban electric bike that best suits their needs. We are happy to be a part of your everyday life and to support you in leading a healthy and ecological life.

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