Is an electric bike a good gift idea for Christmas?

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The second half of November is the time when most of us start shopping for Christmas gifts for our loved ones. After all, finding the perfect Christmas present isn't easy. We live in a time when a large portion of us already have everything we need. So how do you surprise a loved one with a truly unique gift?

Something functional

Admit it. How many of you happened to find a pair of warm socks, a box of underpants or a hot-water bottle under the Christmas tree? Certainly many. There are people who like to give functional gifts. Gifts that serve the recipient every day and make his life inconspicuous, but sometimes also much more pleasant. Do we gladly accept such gifts? Unfortunately, that's not the case for most of us. However, there are functional items that can make everyone's life easier and at the same time bring a lot of joy. Electric bikes are just such things.

An electric bike tailored to the needs of the recipient is a perfect gift for everyone. It allows you to change your lifestyle in a more active and ecological way. Thanks to an e-bike, you can no longer drive to work, school or go shopping every day and therefore:

  1. Save time by avoiding traffic jams

Commuting by car during city rush hour takes a lot of time, even if your destination is no further than 10km away. With an electric bike you can ride on a bike path or, if there isn't one, on the road. This way you can avoid traffic jams and get to your destination faster. At the same time, you don't have to worry about coming to work or a meeting in sweaty clothes. The electric assistance increases your performance and ensures that you reach high speeds without too much effort.

  1. take care of your health

Riding an electric bike, even if assisted by an electric motor, is still cycling, i.e. sport. And a daily dose of sport has a positive effect on our well-being and health. Physical activity helps us reduce stress, forget about problems, strengthen our immune system and reduce the risk of diseases. It's also important to emphasize something that many people forget: an e-bike can be used in exactly the same way as a conventional bicycle. Just turn off the power steering and rely on your own legs.

  1. save money

The electric bikes do not require insurance and run on batteries that can be charged at home with the chargers provided. A ride of 100 km on an electric bike costs no more than 1 PLN. Incomparably cheaper than a trip by car, right? In addition, you can park your bike anywhere. In the center of a big city, that's a really big advantage! You no longer have to drive through the city center looking for a parking space. You no longer have to pay traffic tickets.

  1. vivid green

We all know how important it is to live an ecological lifestyle these days. However, sometimes it is not easy to break your habits. E-bikes are there to help. When using an e-bike, around 12 times fewer grams of CO2 are emitted per person and kilometer than with a car.

Who should I give an e-bike to?

An electric bike is a gift for everyone, because everyone will appreciate the independence and freedom that comes with using such a two-wheeler. However, there are groups of people who will enjoy the e-bike under the Christmas tree the most. They include:

  1. Seniors

Every senior wants to be active and independent. On a suitable electric bike, an elderly person can go shopping every day. With the e-bike, purchased products can be transported more easily, long walks or trips on crowded public transport can be avoided. Riding an electric bike does not put stress on the senior's joints and is not as tiring for them as riding a traditional bike. We recommend the foldable JOBOBIKE SAM as an electric bike for seniors.

  1. Residents of large cities who work in offices

Commuting to work in a big city is often not the easiest. Traffic jams, delays and crowds in public transport must be expected. An electric bike is a means of transportation that guarantees independence and outdoor ability. We don't have to worry about our clothes either. We can go to work in a suit or an elegant dress, because thanks to the electric support we don't get tired and don't sweat. The electric bikes we recommend for the city are JOBOBIKE LINDA, JOBOBIKE LYON, JOBOBIKE VIVA and JOBOBIKE SAM.

  1. Villager

Living in the country has many advantages. Peace reigns, allowing you to draw energy from the surrounding nature. Unfortunately, when deciding to live in the country, you have to take into account that everything is far away. In addition, there is no public transport in the villages. Even a short trip to the grocery store involves starting the car, causing fuel costs, disturbing peace and the negative impact of exhaust fumes on the environment.

With an electric bike, city dwellers can move quickly and in an environmentally friendly way through the neighborhood without much effort. Recommended bikes for villagers are JOBOBIKE ROBIN, JOBOBIKE EDDY and JOBOBIKE EDDY X.

  1. Lovers of driving in the mountains

Of course, the most fun part of mountain biking is going downhill. However, in order to be able to enjoy the wind in your hair going downhill, you first have to go uphill. This requires a lot of force when pedaling. Electric mountain bikes make mountain riding accessible to almost everyone. Fans of this sport will also appreciate the power of the electric motor, which supports them on steep climbs. On an electric bike, you ride uphill faster and therefore "count" more hills during a bike ride. And more climbs means more fun! For lovers of mountain madness, we recommend the electric MTB bike JOBOBIKE BRUNO.

An electric bike is a great idea for a Christmas present. Anyone who gets an e-bike will certainly appreciate its functionality. So if you want to make your loved one happy, give them an e-bike that is tailored precisely to their needs. We invite you to visit our various Testride locations across Germany and see for yourself before you buy.

robin- e fatbike- e mountain bike

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