What is the actual range of an e-bike?

The question of the range of an e-bike is one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Although we know the capabilities of every JOBOBIKE e-bike, the answer to this question is never easy. Because the actual range of an e-bike depends on many factors, including:

bruno-e mountain bike-e bike with central motor

battery type

Lithium-ion batteries are the best batteries for e-bikes. They are characterized by the highest durability, highest efficiency and lowest weight. Such batteries are used in top-class e-bikes, including JOBOBIKE bicycles.

battery voltage and capacity

At JOBOBIKE, we use batteries with different capacities depending on the bike model. The maximum range of our e-bikes varies depending on the model and ranges from 60 km to 120 km. Some models have two different batteries to choose from. But just because two bike models have batteries with exactly the same batteries doesn't always mean that their range is the same.

bike model

Every bike is different from one another in many ways. The actual range of the e-bike is affected by its weight, tire thickness and profile, as well as the location of the motor and its power. Because of this, two models using the same batteries may have different actual ranges.

rider weight

The maximum range of an e-bike is calculated for a rider weighing 60-70 kg. It is clear that a heavier person will cover fewer kilometers on a fully charged battery than a lighter cyclist.

support level

JOBOBIKE e-bikes have several levels of pedal assistance. The vast majority of our e-bikes have five. With the JOBOBIKE VIVA bike we can choose between three support levels. The maximum range of a given model is given assuming that the entire distance is covered in the first level of assistance.


A major factor affecting the rate at which our e-bike battery loses power is the terrain we ride on. If you drive continuously and steadily on asphalt, the battery charge level drops less than when driving uphill or on uneven forest paths.

driving style

How you use the pedal assistance also affects the range of your e-bike. In order to achieve the maximum range, it is recommended to start with the first level of assistance and pedal evenly throughout the ride.


Wind is one of those factors that is beyond your control and can have a huge impact on how far you can go on one charge. When driving against strong winds, the battery loses power more quickly. However, you cover a much longer distance if the strong wind pushes you further forward.

air temperature

The performance of the e-bike battery can vary depending on the air temperature. For best results, ride at 20-20 degrees Celsius.

Bruno-E mountain bike

As you can see, the range of an e-bike is really influenced by many factors, which is why the question of the real range of an e-bike cannot be answered with certainty. The maximum range that we offer for each JOBOBIKE model is achievable if the few rules mentioned above and the appropriate weather conditions are observed.

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