Enjoy eco travel by e-bike

As a traditional mode of transport, the bicycle not only offers movement, but also has a positive impact on the world. Switching from cars to bikes can reduce the amount of emissions and carbon dioxide that pollute the environment.

Is it also environmentally friendly to use an e-bike? Of course it is! Find out and find out why an e-bike can not only protect your health, but also the environment.

No exhaust gases

E-bikes are powered by electric motors. That means they don't pollute the air or cause smog by releasing many of the harmful compounds found in car exhaust: ammonia, carbon monoxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. An e-bike only emits 22 grams of CO2 per kilometer travelled. This is low even compared to buses, which emit 101 grams of CO2 per passenger and kilometer. If motorists switched to bicycles, the air we breathe would be cleaner and healthier, and climate change on our planet would slow down.

alternatives to the car


The increasing number of cars on the roads makes the transport system less and less efficient. The residents of big cities are increasingly looking for an alternative means of transport that allows them to move around the city efficiently and quickly. The traditional bicycle, although the most environmentally friendly, is only suitable for short distances. With the advent of the electric bicycle powered by an efficient motor, one can easily and quickly get to where one wants to go, no matter how far away.

An electric bike can easily solve your parking problems. You no longer have to repeatedly search for parking spaces in the city. You'll also save on parking fees, which can be a big expense. You can park your e-bike anywhere. If you are concerned about its security, choose a model with a built-in bike lock or buy a quality bike lock.

no more noise

The e-bikes have another important advantage: they are quiet. This makes them an excellent solution for foresters and others who are active in the forest and work there or pursue their hobby. Especially e-bikes with fat bike tires are ideal. They allow you to ride almost silently over any terrain, without disturbing the silence or alarming the animals that live in the forest.

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