For whom are e-bikes suitable?

They say e-bikes are bikes for lazy people who don't like pedaling a traditional bike, but that's not true. If not for lazy people, then who is an e-bike a good choice for?

Modern and progressive people

Everything about this e-bike is modern. From the innovative motor and the excellent lithium-ion battery to the large, colorful LCD display and the eye-catching, unique design. That's why those who want to be seen as cosmopolitan and technologically innovative opt for electric bikes. These are usually young people from big cities, but also older people who, after retirement, have time to develop, pursue their passions and live life to the fullest.

People who are uncomfortable with strenuous exercise

People who constantly pedal with a certain amount of effort because their health does not allow it, usually opt for an electric bike. The bike's electric assistance allows them to maintain a constant speed, so they only have to pedal occasionally. Depending on the desired speed, you can choose between different support modes when riding an e-bike. This means that we can vary the speed of the ride without changing the strength of the legs. When riding an e-bike, the joints, especially the knees, are not put under as much strain as when riding a conventional bicycle. E-bikes allow people with health problems to maintain full mobility without exposing themselves to major joint pain. They therefore support the rehabilitative movement and offer these people the opportunity to exercise outdoors.

People who want to “live ecologically”.

Whether we live in the city or in the country, we all need to get around - to shop, work, visit friends or go on a date. But what if we want to protect our environment and therefore do not choose the car as a means of transport? In large metropolitan areas you can always take the bus, tram or train. But what if you don't want to use public transport - or live in a rural area where there is no public transport - but want to do something for the environment? Then an e-bike will help!

When we choose an e-bike, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and, more importantly, the cost of riding an e-bike is much lower than driving a car or even the already mentioned trams and buses. An e-bike battery charge costs about 30 cents and you can ride 120 kilometers! Are you curious? Will you be greener from today?

people from big cities

Life in the big city is fast-paced and it's not easy to keep up. The right e-bike can help. It gives you a sense of freedom and independence. Instead of waiting for the bus and riding in crowds, you can hop on your e-bike whenever you want and enjoy the freedom and the wind in your hair.

You don't have to worry about the obstacles that traditional cyclists have to deal with. Thanks to the handlebars and the walking aid, the e-bike can also master steep climbs with ease. If stairs get in the way, choose a small folding bike that's easy to carry.

inhabitants of mountain regions

For people living in hilly areas, electrically assisted bicycles are a particularly attractive product. Whether you're riding off-road or in town, performance matters. While going downhill is fun, going uphill alone can be exhausting. Especially when you go to work or to an appointment, you definitely don't want to arrive drenched in sweat.

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