Are you really lazy and don't want to ride a bike? The whole truth about pedal assist.

Misconceptions about e-bikes.

There are many misconceptions about e-bikes. The most common is that e-bikes are only for the lazy or the elderly. Their health no longer allows them to use conventional bicycles. But what is the truth? When you ride an e-bike, do people who pass you immediately dismiss you as lazy? They shouldn't!

Can e-bikes be fully automatic?

We often hear this question from our customers. There is an impression that e-bikes, like motorcycles, are self-propelled and do not require any activity from the rider. Is this really the case? Some e-bikes are equipped with a pivoting handle that allows riding without pedaling, just like a motorcycle. However, according to European law, the maximum speed for an e-bike with such a handle is only 6km/h. This is also the case with the Jobobike -Handlebar the case, which is designed similarly. It is therefore not suitable to limit the speed of the bike in this way in everyday life, but it can be used to gently start the bike up a slope or when crossing a road.

Different performance support

E-bikes usually offer several riding support modes (Jobobike usually has five modes). This means that you can choose from a wide range of different riding pleasures. The more riding aids an e-bike offers, the easier it is for you to find the mode that suits your preferences. Do you want to ride even more extreme in the mountains? Activate the highest power level and drive even the steepest hills with ease!

Would you like to do sports?

Would you like to do real cycling training? With an e-bike you can do exactly that. Jobobike can do this at any time by turning off the motor support. What does that mean? This means you can use your physical strength like you would a bicycle when using your e-bike. Even better!

And if you get tired, you can switch back to driver assistance mode.

Is it ideal for retirees?

Yes! But what's wrong with that? For older people who often struggle with joint and back problems, an e-bike would be a good option. Thanks to e-bikes, older people can still enjoy cycling.

What can e-bikes do for young people?

Young people will be fascinated by the new world that the e-bike has in store for them. They would be surprised by the possibilities of power assistance, the feeling of freedom and independence that an electric motor gives them. They can move around town effortlessly , explore places they've never been, push their limits in the mountains, or commute to work traffic-free.

You are not lazy! You are fashionable!

If you choose an electric bike, you will not be seen as a lazy person, but as a progressive person. Stay open to the world and take advantage of the conveniences that new technologies offer. You know your needs and choose the most suitable product. Don't be afraid of electric bikes, use their potential and enjoy life. If you want a relaxing routine, if you want a sporty workout, it's perfect for it!

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