Protect the environment, #JOBBIKE gets active!

Earth Day on April 22 is over, but our low-carbon lives aren't over yet. From time to time, people wonder what actions in their daily life can improve the environment. What can we do to raise environmental awareness in others? JOBOBIKE suggests changing the way people travel to protect the environment.

The number of cars on city streets is increasing, putting ever more strain on the transport system and making getting around less and less efficient. However, since the advent of the e-bike, you can use bike lanes and avoid traffic jams. And you don't have to worry about all the hassles that come with lack of parking, rising fuel prices, and higher insurance premiums.

Although conventional bicycles are the most environmentally friendly means of transport, they are only suitable for short distances. With an e-bike you can cover much further distances without getting out of breath or sweating. For this reason, e-bikes are the ideal choice for those who want to commute daily.

The electric bicycle, powered by an electric motor, is an environmentally friendly means of transport. It does not emit toxic and harmful gases into the atmosphere like internal combustion engines do. A 1 km ride on an e-bike impacts only 22 grams

CO₂ Even a bus emits an average of 101 grams per passenger and 1 km

CO₂ off.

It is clear that e-bikes can really lead the way to a low-carbon lifestyle! Protecting the environment requires our joint efforts, and JOBOBIKE is committed to a new, healthy and ecological way of travelling. Discover your favorite JOOBIKE now and make your contribution to the future of our planet.

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