The best gift for a mother's smile.

Mom, mother. When we were born, they raised us, took care of us and provided us with everything we needed to have a wonderful and carefree childhood. When we grow up we want to thank them for everything they have done for us and Mother's Day on May 8th is the perfect opportunity to do so. This year, give your mom something different that will make her feel the wind in her hair and keep her healthy and fit.

The JOBOBIKE Eddy is the perfect Mother's Day gift, fitted with Kenda Fat tires for excellent grip and stability. Wider tires offer more protection, just like our mother's hug. Allows driving without fear of bumps on the road. Full suspension system and low body design offers a comfortable driving experience and is very suitable for women. With a total load capacity of 140kg and an effective range of 80km, it meets the needs of all walks of life and is suitable for people of all weights.

Eddy is on sale at the moment! Buy eddy and add 1€ to redeem one of the accessories! Don't hesitate and let your mother experience the fun of riding. There is nothing more important than enjoying life.

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