Tips for cycling in summer

Cycling in the summer can be a lot of fun if you know what you're doing. But as any experienced cyclist knows, keeping a cool head while cycling isn't easy. In the summer heat, one can feel unwell or suffer heat stroke. Therefore, you should be prepared for trips in summer. Here are some tips for cycling in summer:

1. Drink and stay hydrated

Drink more water, even more than you normally do. Drinking water is key to staying hydrated and avoiding dehydration. A good rule is to drink 450-680ml (one to two bottles of water) per hour when riding in the heat. One should also have a bottle of water in the bag and drink it before stopping to eat or rest. Water helps you stay cool while you ride. It also helps to compensate for sweat loss.

2. Wear light-colored clothing

The sun heats you up more in dark clothes than in light clothes. It is best to wear white or see-through clothing when out on a hot day. Dark colors tend to absorb a lot of heat. Unlike dark colors, light colors do not absorb heat and help keep the temperature constant, keeping you more relaxed.

3. Wear sunscreen

Sunburn is annoying, but it can also lead to more serious problems. Try to wear sunscreen clothing as much as possible on sunny days. Here's how to protect yourself from skin cancer and sun damage. There are even special t-shirts with built-in sun protection that are ideal for summer rides. If a cyclist needs to remove their shirt while riding in the sun, they should apply sunscreen regularly while riding.

4. Ride during the best times of the day

If you are driving in hot weather, you should avoid driving in the middle of the day. It's a good idea to get up early or wait until late evening when it's cooler outside. Driving at night is a good alternative. Early mornings and late evenings are much more relaxed than midday, meaning you won't heat up as much on your tours, especially if you're going on a long tour.

5. Riding with a group of people

In warm temperatures you can often feel lonely behind the wheel of a bike, but when you ride with others you can cool off and have fun with each other. If you don't feel like driving alone, it's best to go with a friend or a new friend. Having a group of people to ride with can help you stay calm, relax and enjoy the experience. For example, if you have a fleet of e-bikes, a long e-bike tour in the summer is more fun. This keeps the heat down and makes the ride more comfortable.

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