3 ways to enjoy your summer ride

Summer is here and outdoor sports are becoming more and more a part of people's lives. Nowadays we can get out of the house and into nature. And do you have any interesting arrangements?

Getting around by bike is a good option. But do you also know what you can prepare in advance to enrich your cycling experience even more?

Here are 3 tips to make your e-bike tour more fun than your previous excursions:

1.Smart packaging

Is packing an electric bike different from packing a classic unicycle?

Not necessarily, but that depends on your model. Lightweight electric mountain bikes can easily be mounted on the roof of a car, while foldable e-bikes are ultimately designed to fit in the trunk of a car. But what if you're riding a massive, heavy fat bike with wide 4-inch tires? A boxed e-bike promises a new and accessible adventure.

2.Plan new, longer routes

In the city, you can do more sightseeing with an e-bike and make a so-called city trip - that is, experience the city without traffic jams and street noise. Urban e-bike models are usually equipped with a central motor (between the pedals) or a front hub motor (built into the front wheel), which can reach high speeds in a short time on flat terrain and whose batteries can be fully charged in just 4 hours. So you can easily, freely and dynamically navigate the city streets. At your pace.

For excursions outside of the city, a light mountain bike with a central motor that supports you on steep climbs and longer distances is best. Another option for off-road excursions is a fat bike with powerful all-terrain tires that are several inches long and work well on any type of surface.

And with a dynamic rear hub motor and a grip that allows you to ride without pedaling, you can count on a quick and confident start, even uphill!

3. waterproof protection system
Why would rain stop you from exploring new places when the JOBOBIKE comes with waterproof cables? So you can ride freely in the rain as long as you use your e-bike judiciously and don't open the cables in heavy rain. The tires on most e-bikes also have reflective markings to improve visibility while riding. So you can confidently adjust your rain jacket and prepare for off-road rides in the rain.
You don't have to worry about your clothes getting wet as you drive carefully through the mud. Riding an electric bike in the rain is really fun - especially in the open forest, among the fragrant trees, knowing that the motor will help you get where you want to go.

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