How do you start your e-bike?

Ding dong! - You hear the doorbell ringing. The courier will bring you the JOBOBIKE e-bike that you wanted! You pick up the package, read the instructions, watch the assembly video, bravely assemble your e-bike and finally the moment you've been waiting for has arrived - time for your first e-bike ride. But how do you start?

Learn how to use them and how to turn on your e-bike. A lot depends on which JOBOBIKE model you choose. You will find two small keys on the handlebars of each of our bikes. These are always connected to the battery, but not always for the same purpose.

If you have chosen the JOBOBIKE Sam model, you must insert the key into the battery lock and turn it clockwise. You can then start the bike by pressing the center button on the LCD display on the handlebars. Hold the button down until the display lights up. You can now set the level of assistance you want, switch the lights on and off, get on your e-bike and enjoy your electrically assisted ride.

With other JOBOBIKE bikes, the key only removes the battery from the frame and has no function to start the e-bike. Just press and hold the power button until the display lights up and you're ready to enjoy your ride.

If your e-bike does not start after following the instructions, check all cable connections to your e-bike. It may happen that some of the contacts are not connected. If after the check you think everything is ok but your bike still won't start, please contact us by email or phone. Remember - you can always count on us!

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