Battery, display and motor - what do you need to know about the most important components of a JOBOBIKE?

Electric bikes look almost exactly like traditional bikes. Almost, but they have a few key components that regular bikes don't have. These are: the battery, the display, the motor and the controller. These give your e-bike the power it needs and help you when you need it. Let's find out more about these important e-bike components together.


Modern JOBOBIKE electric bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. These are the best battery types available - relatively light and durable. They are equipped with the BMS (Battery Management System) that protects the battery from overcharging and overheating. Their service life is up to 800 charging cycles. Depending on the battery capacity and motor power, the range of JOBOBIKE bikes varies between 60 and 130 km.

The position of the battery in the bicycle frame can vary. In the simplest model, the JOBOBIKE Sam, the battery is located behind the saddle. The vast majority of our e-bikes have the battery integrated into the frame, which makes the e-bike look like a conventional bike at first glance. An interesting solution is to hide the battery in the frame of a foldable e-bike so that it is protected from external influences. The foldable electric fat bike JOBOBIKE Eddy offers such a solution.

Every battery on the JOBOBIKE can be removed from the bike frame for charging. This means that you can simply charge the battery in your apartment without having to bring the whole e-bike into the apartment. Of course, the battery can also be charged while it is in the frame. Charging takes about 4-5 hours and is done with the included charger.


The display, mounted on the bike's handlebars, is the command center for the entire electric bike. Here you will find the most important information. This varies depending on the type of display. LCD displays have many more functions. They show the speed at which the bike is being ridden, the top speed reached, the average speed, the total distance traveled and the distance traveled during the ride. Depending on the model, JOBOBIKE bicycles are equipped with different LCD displays. The vast majority of them have one important advantage in common: they are in color. The smallest display is on the SAM. Other models have larger displays that make reading all the necessary data even easier.


The motor is a key component in the construction of an e-bike. JOBOBIKE bicycles are equipped with central or rear wheel hub motors. The former are the most advanced and ensure the bike is perfectly balanced. Rear hub motors are ideal for off-road use. The electric motors of JOBOBIKE bicycles have an output of 250 W and thus comply with EU and national regulations for electric bicycles. This ensures that an e-bike purchased from JOBOBIKE does not require registration and can be ridden on cycle paths.

Most JOBOBIKE models are equipped with Bafang motors. These guarantee reliability. It is important to know that the manufacturer has its factory near Wrocław.

When you buy a JOBOBIKE electric bike, you can be sure that the components used in its manufacture are of excellent quality. Only your needs determine which of our e-bikes you choose. And once you have it, you can admire it, climb it and... Just ride!

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