JOBOBIKE celebrates Father's Day with you!

At the end of May, people in Germany celebrate the annual Ascension Day, also known as Father's Day, a four-day public holiday with beer, celebrations, parties and cheer everywhere. In contrast to Father's Day in most countries, German fathers are not content with having a leisurely meal with the family, receiving gifts from their children and calling it a day. Father's Day in Germany is a day when fathers can break out of their old image and develop. On this day, many men in Germany take part in "Father's Day trips", hike and cycle together, enjoy nature and the beer. Chatting and drinking with good friends, even getting so drunk they can't find their way around.

How do you imagine your father? Was he serious and not smiling, or was he funny and often brought you joy? Everyone has many fond memories of their time with their father. I wonder if you would like to share these precious memories with us. Join the Father's Day discussion on JOBOBIKE Facebook now and leave a fun story about you and your dad. You have the chance to win a free JOBOBIKE Lyon ... and a different kind of gift for Father's Day!

In addition, JOBOBIKE Lyon is now on sale for €150 with the VATER150! Let the low-carbon concept of E Bike transform your appearance, now!

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