City e-bikes, how to choose the right one for you?

We live in the cities. Almost everything around us happens in the city. However, there are times when even you find it difficult to adjust to the fast pace, or when you feel like you want to do things differently than before. That's why It's worth taking a look at a modern means of transport that can make life in the city easier for everyone: the electric bike. Nowadays, e-bikes are becoming more and more common on city streets. Which model will be chosen to make it perfect for use in the city and especially for ourselves?

You want to save money (giving up the car will certainly be good for your wallet) and save time (think how much time you spend stuck in traffic every month), so you decide to buy an electric bike. You are looking for a model that meets all your expectations on the Internet. But to find them, you must first engage clearly with that expectation.

Fashionable man or elegant woman?

Yes, of course women can ride tall unisex frames and men can ride full frames. Nothing wrong with that. However, it is worth considering our clothing preferences when deciding on a particular bike. If you intend to use an e-bike for your daily commute, ask yourself what you wear to ride most often. In tight dress pants or a pencil skirt, it can be difficult to frame the legs up in a neutral geometry frame. So if you typically ride in business attire, choose a through bike that you will be comfortable on. Ladies who prefer flared skirts must ensure that their e-bike is equipped with a chain guard. For elegant men and women, we particularly recommend the JOBOBIKE Linda and JOBOBIKE Lyon city bikes. Gentlemen who feel more comfortable on a bike with a high frame can opt for the JOBOBIKE Henry, an e-bike with a classic look.

The madness of youth or the leisure of old age?

Young people generally have different expectations of vehicles than middle-aged people. For energetic teenagers or twenty-somethings, the look of the bike is extremely important - it should be modern, design-led and eye-catching. For this reason, they should consider the foldable e-bike Eddy from JOBOBIKE. While this powerful e-bike is designed for off-road use, it's also perfect for high curbs, cobblestone streets and railroad crossings in the city. Every cyclist will feel comfortable on the Eddy, thanks to the double cushioning and the thick tires that make every bump even less noticeable.

With the JOBOBIKE Sam, slim, small women and older people will find another foldable e-bike that suits them. It only weighs 24 kg and is small, so you shouldn't have a problem carrying it up the stairs and using elevators or public transport. The low-profile frame is ideal for those who can't or don't want to lift their legs when getting on and off the bike. The step-through frame is ideal for those who don't want or can't lift their legs when getting on and off the bike.

When choosing the right city e-bike, you should primarily let yourself be guided by your own taste and needs, but you should also not ignore functionality. The JOBOBIKE product range is certainly the perfect companion for your urban journeys.

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